Welcome to the 3D Proving Ground Project. File downloads and project management information can be found at the SourceForge management page for the 3D Proving Ground project.

The name of the project, 3D Proving Ground, is meant to convey that the intent of the project is to experiment with 3D graphics concepts. As such multple sub-projects are intended to be undertaken. The first such sub-project is the development of a Particle Engine visualised using Java3D.

It is Alive

An initial release of a Particle Engine was made back in September of 2001. I write these words in March of 2003. The project went the way of so many projects hosted on SourceForge, an initial burst of energy, then nothing.

However, I now hope to put some work into it again. I have some ideas for the refactoring of the code to implement some nice concepts. The updates will not be frequent, but hopefully they will be regular.

Crampy. 12 March 2003.

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